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var ractivePaginator = require("ractive-paginator")

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ractive-paginator v0.3.0

Simple and easy pagination component for ractivejs


An easy to use Ractive component that handles pagination.


Live Demo


npm install ractive-paginator --save


Add the component to your Ractive instance:

    components: {
        paginator: require('ractive-paginator')

Use it

<paginator items='{{things}}'>
    <div class='thing'>

The content inside the <paginator> take is what gets iterated just like an {{#each}} loop. The context is each item passed into items.

Includes minimal styling under the class .ractive-paginator. Styles are included in the javascript and added to the page on load.



items: Array of items that are paginated

perpage: How many items to display per page (default 30)

page: the current page

lastPage: how many pages total based off the number of items and perpage


previousPage: Go to the previous page

nextPage: Go to the next page

gotoPage: Go to a specific page


Open to PRs and stuff. I'm around.

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